Customer service is the focus of Woollard Ipsen Management LLC. We know that each facility is unique and each must be developed to meet the needs of its specific community. Management of a facility always takes place at the facility level. This includes bookkeeping and handling of specific community issues.  We believe that if our employees are given the proper tools and support, they can achieve their goals.  It is the role of Woollard Ipsen Management to provide them with the needed support to be successful.

The foundation of Assisted Living in Oregon is grounded in six life principles. Every resident  has the right to choice, dignity, privacy, independence, and individuality, all in a home-like environment.

Woollard Ipsen Management LLC makes major management decisions based on the foundation of four simple operational keys:

  1. The resident, our customer, is the primary focus of all operations.
  2. The staff of each facility is critical to the successful and efficient operation of the building. The staff of each facility must be taken care of, listened to and supported for a project to be successful.
  3. One must protect and efficiently maintain the physical asset in the facility itself.
  4. Profitability and adherence to budgetary constraints is critical to a facility’s success.

Adherence to the six Oregon Life Principles and to our four operational keys has provided simple and very effective guidelines for all to follow. For those in search of the highest quality management company, the success of our philosophy leads to one, clear choice – Woollard Ipsen Management LLC.