Woollard Ipsen Management takes pride in knowing we provide quality services to the residents we care for.  We also understand that  to continue to provide that constant level of commitment to quality we must always be looking at ways to improve the services that we deliver. A strong quality improvement program does just that.

Our quality improvement program is a corporate-wide program and applies to all of the communities we manage. The program consists of established policies and procedure which include data collection, and establishment of time frames, thresholds and quarterly due dates. Having a corporate-wide program allows us to establish benchmarks, trends and accountability throughout the company. The review of data collected allows us to make any adjustments needed to improve our systems, thus improving overall performance.  In addition to the established quality improvement program, bi-monthly, we complete a quality improvement assessment on each one of our communities. The assessment focuses on a different system with each visit. Throughout the year these assessments provide a thorough inspection of all systems being utilized in each community.

Our quality improvement program incorporates what we call, The Four Keys to the Big Picture.
They are as follows:

1. Cherishing your residents

a. Resident satisfaction survey
b. Family and friends survey
c. Incident report review
d. Resident acuity levels
e. Quarterly audits
(medication errors, managed risk cases, nurse delegation, dietary audit, environmental audit, resident focused audits)
f. Monthly community meeting
g. Quality improvement assessment

2. Cherishing your staff

a. Annual employee satisfaction surveys
b. Monthly staff education
c. Open door policy
d. Exit interviews
e. Monthly safety meetings
f. Quality improvement assessment

3. Taking care of the assets

a. Environmental audit
b. Inspection reports
c. Quality improvement assessment

4. Meeting and exceeding your budget

a. Monthly budget tracking
b. Monthly financial reports
c. Weekly census summary