Jana Hirsch

Position: Director of Operations
Team Member Since: May 21, 2001
Email: janahirsch@woollardipsenmanagement.com
Phone Number: 541-200-6211

Jana has been in the Long-term care industry for 25+ years and has held positions which includes Admissions Coordinator, Social Services Director, Activities Director, Assisted Living Administrator, Behavioral Consultant & Director of Operations. She brings a vast knowledge of expertise both from working in the field and being a trainer and mentor in all levels of senior care.

For the past 10+ years one of Jana’s focus points has been working with the State of Oregon’s Behavior Support Services Program. In this role, Jana trains and works with other behavior consultants in community-based care communities in utilizing Positive Behavior Support to manage difficult behaviors. She assists providers to see behaviors as a form of communication and educates and supports providers in finding proactive strategies to meet any unmet needs that may be causing the behavior. With the roll out of the Behavior Support Services Program in 2012 throughout Oregon, Jana has been involved with the development and implementation of this program in twenty counties.

Jana has a bachelor’s degree in Social Science and Psychology and is also a Licensed Assisted Living Administrator, Certified Behavior Consultant, Certified Dementia Practitioner, and a Certified Teepa Snow trainer. Jana is active in the Oregon Health Care Association, The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and was a member of a committee working on the State Plan for Alzheimer’s disease in Oregon.

When not working, Jana enjoys being with her family and friends and just enjoying life. Jana enjoys movies, hiking, rowing, traveling and being entertained by her Boxer Jinx. She also spends a lot of time traveling around watching her daughter play basketball for College of Idaho – Go YOTES!  

Rhonda Dettmer

Position: Behavior Consultant
Counties Served: Douglas, Jackson and Josephine
Team Member Since: October 5, 2012
Email: rhondadettmer@woollardipsenmanagement.com
Phone Number: 541-200-6218

Rhonda grew up on the Oregon Coast loving the outdoors.  She has lived in Gold Beach for many years and has been married to her wonderful husband for over 40 years.  They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.  Rhonda enjoys camping, hunting and gardening.  She also spends a lot of time cooking and walking on the Oregon Coast beaches rock hunting.  Rhonda loves interacting with any and all people and her passion is to help others by building relationships that matter.   If there ever was a quote that suited Rhonda’s passion, it would be:  “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet” ~ William Butler Yeats.

Kirstin Doveri

Position: Behavior Consultant
Counties Served: Klamath
Team Member Since: June 7, 2022
Email: kirstindoveri@woollardipsenmanagement.com
Phone Number: 541-200-6221

Kirstin was raised in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  She attended Southern Oregon University and obtained a Bachelors in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education.  Valuing a rural lifestyle and community connection, Kirstin returned back to the same school district that she graduated High School from to become their McKinney-Vento and Foster Care Liaison.  Her time in the Klamath Falls School District has afforded her the opportunity to serve homeless families and youth with support, resources and guidance to help them thrive and achieve their best potential.

Kirstin serves on the board of community organizations doing coalition, systems and direct support work to improve equity and elevate resilience across the community.  She is excited to expand her reach into the Aging and Disabled populations and put her skills to work with clients, families, and providers with comprehensive behavior supports and services.

Joy Elmore

Position: Behavior Consultant
Counties Served: Jackson & Josephine
Team Member Since: September 10, 2012
Email: joyelmore@woollardipsenmanagement.com
Phone Number: 541-200-6214

Joy is originally from California and moved to Oregon in 2002 to offer her two sons a better life. She has four grandchildren, three girls and a boy who also live in Southern Oregon as well.

She has been in the healthcare industry since 1992. Joy started off in home care and then decided to go to school and receive her CNA certificate that planted her a job in a convalescent hospital in Capitola, California. She worked there for a few years and then moved on to an Assisted Living in Scotts Valley, California. Joy stayed in the Assisted Living environment until having some health issues which then lead her to cosmetology school where she received her nail technician’s license. She worked as a nail tech for some time but soon realized that she missed health care.  This is when she made the decision to move to Oregon where she applied at a facility as a Med tech. Joy worked there for a couple of years and then applied at a Behavioral facility for seniors and people with disabilities here in the valley where she started off as a Caregiver but found herself moving positions rapidly within the company. Med-tech, Admin assistant and Activity Director/Social Services. Then she started going to college for a Human Service degree. While at this facility Joy was part of the OTAC pilot program for Behavior support. She was at this facility for many years until she received a position with Woollard Ipsen Management as a behavioral consultant in 2012. In 2014 she graduated with an Associates of Arts degree in Human Service management.

In her spare time, Joy loves spending time with her grandkids, cooking, baking, DIYing, singing, dancing, making candles and body care items. Hanging out listening to music, shopping and much more.

Some of Joy’s favorite foods include fruit salad, pizza, green salad, bagels, Chinese and Mexican food.  She collects mermaids in any shape, form or fashion. This is the only thing she collects as she is not a trinket-type person. (She does not like clutter or dusting) LOL!

Amber Enriquez

Position: Behavior Consultant
Counties Served: Jackson & Josephine
Team Member Since: April 10, 2023
Email: amberenriquez@woollardipsenmanagement.com
Phone Number: 541-200-6433

Amber was born and raised in beautiful Southern Oregon.  She has 25 plus years working in the aging population.  Her career began as a feeding assistant in Memory Care at The Curry Good Samaritan at age 17, in Brookings Oregon.  There sparked her passion for caregiving, especially for those with cognitive decline.  From there, Amber went on working in Brookings and later in Grants Pass Oregon in Foster Homes, Residential Care Communities, In-home care agencies and Nursing Homes with her CNA training.  Amber then went on to be the Owner/Operator of Heritage House Adult Foster Home where she specialized in Memory Care with the focus on aging in place.  As of recent, she worked the last 5 years as a Care Coordinator and Manager for an In Home Care Company in Grants Pass.

Amber is married with three grown children and six wonderful grandchildren whom she spends a lot of time with.  She is a nature lover and spends a lot of time outside hiking, exploring and traveling with her husband and three pups.  She also enjoys volunteering for an animal rescue and is currently with the Paws Program.  

Amber states that lending herself to care for and support others in need is her purest joy and finest accomplishment!


Tammy Goodman

Position: Behavior Consultant
Counties Served: Linn & Benton
Team Member Since: September 16, 2022
Email: tammygoodman@woollardipsenmanagement.com
Phone Number: 541-200-6301

Tammy is a full-time, on-the-go adult with a marvelous sense of humor.  She has worked with the aging and disabled population for 30 plus years.  Tammy was first introduced to caregiving in the 1980’s when she assisted her grandmother at her care home as a pre-teen.  Tammy’s mother took over the care home and Tammy continued to diligently assist her mom with the daily operations of the home.  Tammy was asked by family in 2017 to care for her grandparents and within a month she and her family opened their own Adult Foster Care home in Albany, Oregon.  Tammy has spent years educating herself within the Long-term care industry and has several certifications in this field as well as in special education.

Tammy has two daughters, one grandson and several nieces and nephews.  In her free time, Tammy opened an Etsy store and sells her homemade crochet stocking hats.  During her leisure time, she likes to run away with her family and play hard (all 23 of them).  During “season” Tammy is often found in the water (inland or at the ocean) in Oregon or Alaska fishing for salmon, crawfish, bass, rockfish or clamming.  Tammy and her husband are very enthusiastic about hunting for meat, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables to supply their foster home and family.  However, with all that said Tammy will admit her favorite activity of all is SHOPPING!


Kaye Honadle

Position: Behavior Consultant
Counties Served: Lane
Team Member Since: July 18, 2013
Email: kayehonadle@woollardipsenmanagement.com
Phone Number: 541-200-6222

Kaye Honadle comes to us as a transplant from Florida with over 25 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities and their families. Kaye earned a BS in Psychology and a MEd from the University of Central Florida. Her diverse experience includes being an Exceptional Ed Teacher and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. After her move to Eugene, Oregon in 2013, she gained employment with Woollard Ipsen Management and works in Lane County providing positive behavior supports for Memory Care, Assisted Living, Adult Foster Homes and other settings as needed.

She enjoys hiking, crocheting and a good wine. Kaye lives with her two sons and dog, Riley, in lovely historical Brownsville.

Stephanie Sullivan

Position: Behavior Consultant
Counties Served: Crook, Deschutes, Klamath and Jefferson
Team Member Since: April 16, 2014
Email: stephaniesullivan@woollardipsenmanagement.com
Phone Number: 541-200-6219

Stephanie has upheld a career long commitment to advocacy, wellness, and equity of vulnerable and at-risk populations, with emphasis on achieving meaningful, proactive behavioral health and management through capacity building of individuals, teams, and communities. As an ardent proponent of social service, Stephanie has experience working as a Behavior Intervention Specialist, Agency Affiliated Counselor, Case Manager, Mentoring Program Manager and Grant Writer. Over her tenure in the field, Stephanie has served in homes, schools, residential  and community based settings for youth, adolescents, senior and disabled populations with a wide variety of cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioral needs.

In her spare time Stephanie enjoys training her rambunctious dog, lusting over real estate, and she is an avid and awarded volunteer in her community. Her core maxim is to do good wherever possible, adventure always, and celebrate absolutely everything.

Tanya Wittwer

Position: Behavior Consultant
Counties Served: Coos, Curry, Lane & Lincoln 
Team Member Since: April 26th, 2021
Email: tanyawittwer@woollardipsenmanagement.com
Phone Number: 541-200-6220

Tanya has 25+ years in Adult Senior Care. She has been an Adult Foster Homeowner and an Assisted Living Executive Director but has also held numerous other positions such as Caregiver, Med Tech, Business Office Manager, Medical Records Clerk, and she has worked in Human Resources and done resolution management. She has spent a vast number of years educating herself within the Long-term care industry and brings numerous key traits to now working as a Behavior Consultant.

Tanya loves being outdoors and sunshine and the warmth that it brings. She loves camping in “style” (no tent unless she has to) and she loves being a rockhound and being around water, whether that be at the beach, the river or even at a creek. Tanya also loves to travel and experience new places, towns and meeting new people, especially those with a good sense of humor. She says she is just “enjoying life” and all that it brings through travel and social interactions.


Behavior Support Services – Testimonials

Our Agency has greatly benefitted with working one on one with Joy Elmore.  On several occasions we have reached out for assistance with managing some difficult behavioral situations. This has resulted in retaining the individual as a client and improved our staffing capabilities because we now know how best to assist the individual based on environmental and health factors.  The program offered by Woollard Ipsen Management and Consultants like Joy, are absolute necessary tools essential in improving our client-caregiver communication and relationships.

Amber M. Perrino

Director Of Operations, Rogue Valley In Home Care Inc.

It is my pleasure to write a professional testimony on the behalf of Tara Gonzales. Tara has provided successful interventions for our residents which allow them to maintain successful placement within their established homes. Tara has an open perspective between resident and the community. This allows realistic goals and plans to be put in place. Tara comes highly recommended not only from myself, but from other co-professionals.

Pam Reed

Administrator, Morrow Heights Assisted Living

I am the administrator of The Bridge Retirement & Assisted Living in Grants Pass Oregon. I have used Behavior Support Services for some of my more problematic behaviors. Tara Gonzales has been such a valuable resource. She has worked wonders teaching my staff and myself the best ways to work with residents who have tough behaviors. Tara taught us that the resident will likely not change their behavior so as staff she taught us to change the way we handle said behavior to reach a more amicable outcome. Tara is always available by phone or email for any concerns regarding any resident on her case load and she has never closed a case and left our community without improvement for resident being attained. Tara Gonzales’ methods have truly made me a believer in Behavior Support Services.


The Bridge Retirement & Assisted Living

Tara Gonzales has been a huge support system through her Behavior Support Services Program within our community, Tara is professional and a great advocate for her clients as well as coming up with a good resolution for the community and clients to work together I would highly recommend Tara.

Nicole Cruz

Resident Care Coordinator, Morrow Heights Assisted Living