Woollard Ipsen Management LLC has a contractual relationship with the State of Oregon Department of Human Services and Senior and Peoples with Disabilities to provide Behavioral Support Services (BSS) to 20 counties in Oregon.

Oregon Counties Woollard Ipsen Management provides BBS services:

  • Jackson
  • Josephine
  • Curry
  • Coos
  • Douglas
  • Klamath
  • Lake
  • Linn
  • Lane
  • Benton
  • Lincoln
  • Deschutes
  • Jefferson
  • Crook
  • Harney
  • Hood River
  • Wasco
  • Sherman
  • Gilliam
  • Wheeler

Behavior Support Services are provided by a Behavioral Consultant and include:

  • Assessment of all environmental, social, interpersonal and intrapersonal factors influencing the person’s behaviors.
  • Identification of the person’s desires and preferences.
  • Observation of the primary caregiver’s abilities and routines and to assist with developing new strategies to minimize challenging behaviors and to encourage alternate behaviors.
  • Development of a positive behavior support plan describing the procedures and interventions needed to support the agreed upon strategies.
  • One to one instruction or “coaching” to caregivers so they can implement the positive support plan.
  • Monitoring and revision of the behavior support plan as needed.

Woollard Ipsen Management is proud to provide these services to qualified State of Oregon clients and also to the private population.

Private Clients can access these support services through Woollard Ipsen Management Behavior Support Services program at a rate of $85.00 per hour.

Behavior Support Services Program Description

Woollard Ipsen Management LLC has been involved in the development and implementation of Behavioral Support Services since 2009. Woollard Ipsen was the provider selected to implement the pilot project in 2009 and was the first provider to successfully secure a long term contract with the State of Oregon to provide the Behavioral Support Services to a large geographical area in Oregon in 2012.

The goal of Behavior Support Services is to reduce the frustration, injuries, stress, placement failures and crisis situations that results when persons who have persistent and difficult behaviors are not provided with the support that they and their caregivers need. Activities focus on assisting caregivers to change their interactions with their client using the person’s 24 hour environment to promote positive interactions, experiences and behaviors.

Behavioral Support Services is a new project, both to Woollard Ipsen Management and the State of Oregon. The program was taken State wide in August of 2012 and is gaining national attention as a potential method of reducing difficult behaviors in Community Based Care setting. The huge cost associated with failed placement and frequent movement of difficult residents in CBC setting is a national issue and the program shows huge potential in saving the Medicaid system significant funds.

Behavioral Support Services (BSS) are designed to help an individual maintain and attain a maximal level of emotional and social functioning. Services will focus on developing supports in the person’s environment and improving interactions with caregivers in order to address:

a) Challenging behaviors

b) Cognitive processing

c) Communication skills

d) Self-help activities

e) Impulse control and/or

f) Adaptive skills.